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  • HND-2600 Rechargable Handle
  • CHG-2600 Rechargable Desk Charger
  • CHG-5200 Rechargable Desk Charger
  • OPH-2600 3.5V Ophthalmoscope
  • OPH-3600 3.5V Ophthalmoscope
  • RET-2600 3.5V Retinoscope
  • OTC-2600 Fiber Scope
  • ILU-3600 2.5V Mini Illuminator
  • ILU-5200 2.5V Mini Illuminator
  • ILU-7800 2.5V Mini Illuminator
  • TRI-700 3.5V Illuminator
  • TRI-1800 3.5V Illuminator
  • TRI-2600 3.5V Illuminator
  • TRI-3600 3.5V Illuminator
  • TRI-5200 3.5V Illuminator
  • OPH/RET-Case
  • OPH-Case
  • OPH/OPTO-Case

Build Your Own Ophthalmoscope/Retinoscope ENT Kit


Product Description

Create an Ophthalmoscope/Retinoscope ENT Kit that fits your needs! Ezer allows you to build an ENT Kit with the equipment you need for your practice. You have the ability to choose from a varity of ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes, and illuminators. As a special bonus to building your Kit, you will save money as opposed to buying each item individually. Don't forget to get a case to protect your equipment between uses and travel.

Requirement: The Ezer EZ-HND-2600 is required when building and purchasing your ENT Kit.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.