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Ezer EST-26-Deluxe Medical Stool

$240.00 $220.00
(You save $20.00)

Product Description

Different between Deluxe line and our regular line:
• Different vinyl. Micro fiber option for Deluxe line products are using the finest micro fiber leather, which ensures maximum softness.
• Plastic gears, all plastic components (covers) are made by injection molding, where the regular line are made by suction molding. Plastic by injection molding  is more thick. It creates more texture feeling than the regular suction molding.
• No wooden material inside the seat. The seating structure is made by plastic injection molding as a whole unit.
• Underneath cover for the arm rest.
• Simply and easy installation to switch form right hand use to left hand use.
• Superior polished aluminum alloy base. We created our own mold for this base. It provides a huge weight capacity (180kg). The connection with wheels is perfectly design. It avoid small gaps when wheels fit into the base, which ensures no noise making when wheels travelling and changing direction.
• Translucent PU wheels are in the finest quality.

Arm rest:
• Creates 360 degrees movement around the seating.
• Armrest itself move&lock forward and backward horizontally.
• Simple procedure when switch from right hand use to left hand use.
• Iron electroplate finish.

Seating (Upholstery):
• Available in PU Foaming (PVC)
• High density foam, which ensures shape of the seating stay un-change for long term usage.
• High Antimicrobial/bacterial & mildew resistant.
• Superior abrasion resistance
• Seating diameter: 460mm
• Height adjustable
• Seating structure is made by plastic injection molding, no wooden material inside ofthis stool.

Gas lift:
• Standard 160mm travel distance.
• BIFMA certificated, SGS certificated.

• Aluminum Footring as standard.
• Height adjustable.

• Base material: Polish Aluminum alloy.

• Top quality PU wheels as standard.

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