Retinal Acuity Meter

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Retinal Acuity Meter


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RAM Ultra 

Sorts eyes with retinal disease destined for poor outcomes from those with normal function in one minute. Includes RAM Ultra, one vision chart (Numbers, letters, landolt C, or Tumbling E), carrier frames, two pinhole lens clips, magnetic occluder, charger, charging cord, trial lens pinhole disc, and lens cloth. Equipped with a digital voltmeter to monitor the power level. 

Clinically Proven to measure Retinal Acuity to within 2 LINES IN 95% (see 1,2,3) 
21 Years in Clinical Use/Great Reviews (See Survey) 
Quick and Easy: 1 minute/eye 

RAM ULTRA/Single Chart 
Carrier Frames 
Pinhole-Lens Clip, 2 ea. 
Trial Frame Pinhole 
Magnetic Occluder 
Instruction Manual 
AMA Optics Lens Cloth 
Potential Acuity Measurement 
Single Chart/Single Brightness 
Portable: lane to lane / office to office 

​Selection of Vision Charts 
Dual Measuring Cords 
16" for 20/200, 8" for 20/400 
Rechargeable Battery 
Digital Voltmeter showing charge level 
LED Bulbs 
1 Year Warranty 

The RAM® viewed through the RAM Pinhole Clip™ accurately forecasts potential vision. The RAM® consists of a brightly illuminated near card with letters indexed from 20/20 to 20/200 in 9 increments. The device is battery powered, hand held, and comfortably fits into a pocket.
Earlier models of this technology were the Illuminated Near Card or INC and a small version was the Mini-INC. The RAM® has retained the critical testing parameters of the INC and the Mini-INC; namely, identical letter size and brightness, so that all research data obtained with these instruments are applicable to the RAM®. The RAM® has the following advancements: an ergonomic molded faceplate with a built-in cradle for the retractor, an improved disc rotating mechanism, high resolution digital photographic lettering, and clearly visible indices to identify the level of acuity being tested.
The RAM® technology is a combination of three basic optical principles: small aperture pinhole, correct visual angle, and bright illumination. The small aperture pinhole places the eye is almost universal focus and near correction is added to maximize resolution. Multiple pinholes allow the patient to select the clearest view through the cloudy media. The letters at 40 cm subtend the same visual angle as Snellen letters at 20 feet. The bright illumination more than compensates for the reduced illumination by the small aperture pinhole and the media opacity.
Investigator have found that the average testing time is fewer than 2 minute in eyes with and without glaucomatous field loss.

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