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eSee All-in-one eSee Digital Acuity Chart


Product Description

All-in-one eSee Digital Acuity Chart 


Hang it on the wall, plug it in, configure for your exam lane, and you're good to go.  The full version of the eSee Digital Acuity Chart has all of the features found
in the lite version plus
goodies like custom pediatric animations, contrast sensitivity, an ETDRS chart, and much more, still with no bulbs to replace, no noise,
and no sticker shock.


Replacement Remote - Black | eseeacuity

    • Letter Chart
    • Number chart
    • Tumbling E's
    • Picture & symbol chart for pediatric patients
    • Up to 10 versions of each chart to minimize memorization
    • HOTV chart
    • ETDRS chart
    • Contrast sensitivity
    • Duo-chrome
    • Worth 4-dot
    • Muscle light for fixation
    • Fixation disparity
    • Astigmatic dial
    • Custom slideshow when system is idle
    • Custom education images
    • Custom pediatric animations
    • Programmable function buttons for quick navigation
    • Silent
    • Configurable for distances as small as 6' or as large as 45'
    • Mirroring
    • No bulbs to replace
    • Up and running in minutes

Product Videos

The Intuitive Acuity Chart 00:41

Do you have to look at the remote when using your digital acuity chart? If so, it's too complicated. We've designed the eSee Digital Acuity Chart's remote to be so simple, you'll have it memorized before you know it. Spend time interacting with your patients, not trying to find the right button on your remote. Visit us at to see what a truly intuitive digital acuity chart looks like!

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