Humphrey Zeiss Visual Field Analyzer Perimeter

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Ezer EPR-2600 Projection Perimeter

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Product Description

Reliable perimetry is the cornerstone of glaucoma screening, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management. With the introduction of the EPR-2600 you will enjoy the highest, most respected level of technology at an incredible value. This highly advanced projection-based system allows for scatter-free, even light and a complete reduction in chromatic aberration. Furthermore, the range of testing protocols and parameters is certain to impress and allows for both static and kinetic testing. With advanced analysis software and complete report plot selection, the EPR-2600 will exceed the expectations of even the most discriminating buyer. 


  • Projection-Based 
  • Early Detection 
  • Real-Time Eye Monitoring 
  • Progression Analysis 
  • Variety of Reporting Options
  • Kinetic and Static Testing 
  • Diverse Testing Strategies 
  • Advanced Analysis Software 
  • Complete Report Plot Selection


Full Compliance With Goldman Standards. Thousands less with superior performance! USB Ready & EMR Compatible.

Blue Yellow Upgrade Avialable!





The highly advanced projection-based EPR-2600 allows for scatter-free, even light and a complete reduction in chromatic aberration.

perimeter epr-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic

Early Detection:

Catch early stage glaucoma using fast, yet robust screening tools and yellow-blue analysis software.

perimeter epr-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic

Real-Time Eye Monitoring:

Operators will appreciate the benefits of real-time eye monitoring with the EPR-2600, which allows for enhanced fixation control throughout testing.


perimeter epr-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic


Progression Analysis:

Monitor your glaucoma patients’ progression over time. The EPR-2600 offers cutting-edge glaucoma progression analysis tools to help you carefully track patients’ clinical status.

perimeter epr-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic
perimeter epr-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic

Variety of Reporting Options:

Select and customize reports with a variety of analysis report options. The ability to generate past and current records in a single report is an especially useful function.

Kinetic and Static Testing:

Whatever your testing preference may be, the EPR-2600 will surpass expectations. Kinetic test modes offer adjustable stimulus speed and include everything from a standard program to static points, scotoma maps, blind spot maps, and customized programs. Likewise, static tests are diverse and include a wide range of threshold, screening and specialty test programs. You can even create a user-defined test.


perimeter epr-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic

Diverse Testing Strategies:

Testing strategies include 2-zone, 3-zone, single intensity and threshold-related tests. You also can opt for an age-corrected screening test or full-threshold and you can quantify defects. Intelligent detection is extremely fast, offering the same accuracy as the full threshold test in 40% less time.


perimeter epr-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic

Advanced Analysis Software:

The EPR-2600 rates as one of the most advanced perimeters on the market in large part due to the high-tech analysis software. Clinical monitoring is simplified with the glaucoma hemifield test, single-field analysis, multi-field analysis, glaucoma progression analysis and credibility analysis.


perimeter epr-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic
perimeter epr-2600 ezer - us ophthalmic

Complete Report Plot Selection:

Any report plot you desire is possible with the EPR-2600. The device offers DB value, grayscale, 3D image, total deviation, pattern deviation, total probability, pattern probability and Bebie curves.