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Ezer ESL- 5200 Slit Lamp

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Product Description

The ESL-5200 offers a Haag-Streit style tower illumination in a Cross-Angle Stereovision Converging Binocular Optical System. Features include two-step magnification (1x and 1.6x) plus two eyepieces (10x and 16x), a Hruby Lens Kit, reflecting mirrors, a tilt mechanism, and four illumination filters.



  • Brightness control switch
  • Hruby lens kit standard
  • Accessory drawer
  • Base locking screw
  • Aperture and slit height control knob
  • Single-handed elevation Joystick
  • 3-step Magnification Lamp




Cross-Angle Stereovision Converging Binocular Ocular System:

Ezer’s ESL-5200 features Haag-Streit style tower illumination with an advanced Cross-Angle Stereovision Converging Binocular Optical System. The unit offers two eyepieces (10x and 16x) and two-step magnification (1x to 1.6x).





Slit Lamp Microscope ESL-5200 Ezer




Slit Lamp Microscope ESL-5200 Ezer





Two-Step Magnification:

Advanced optics in the ESL-5200 offer a two-step magnification that can be easily changed throughout the exam between 1x to 1.6x, using the instrument’s conveniently located lever. Final magnification ratios are equivalent to 10x (Ø18mm) and 16x (Ø14.5mm) with the 10x eyepiece, and 16x (Ø11.25mm) and 25.6x (Ø9mm) with the 16x eyepiece.




Wide Field of View with a Range of PD and Diopter Adjustment:

Ezer’s ESL-5200 Cross-Angle Stereovision Converging Binocular Optical System offers a wide field of view of Ø18mm, Ø14mm, Ø11.25mm, and Ø9mm, with a 51mm-82mm range of PD adjustment, depending on which eyepiece the operator selects. Diopter can be adjusted to ±8D with the 10x eyepiece and to ±10D with the 16x eyepiece.



Slit Lamp Microscope ESL-5200 Ezer


Two Fixation Target Options:

The ESL-5200 offers two options with respect to fixation targets. One is for diopter adjustment to help the patient to see the target clearly while the other is an illuminated fixed spot. The fixation target with diopter compensation supplies a dot and concentric circles target. Operators simply slide the knob to adjust the diopter compensation within the range from -15D to +10D. The fixation target with spot light is especially well suited to patients with refractive errors exceeding -15D.







Slit Lamp Microscope ESL-5200 Ezer


High Clarity Luminance and Built-in Filters:

The ESL-5200 utilizes a 6-volt, 20-watt halogen bulb that provides outstanding illumination. Four built-in Illumination Pathway Filters can be effortlessly inserted into the illumination pathway using the selection lever. Options include a heat absorption filter that aids in patient comfort during lengthy exams, a red-free filter that enhances structural contrast, a cobalt blue filter for use in fluorescein assessment, and a grey filter.



Continuous Slit Rotation and Aperture Adjustment:

The ESL-5200 features 2/3x slit projection magnification and enables users to modify slit width continuously from 0mm to 9mm. The slit becomes a circle at 9mm. The slit height also can be changed continuously, from 1mm to 8mm. Aperture diameters are Ø9mm,Ø8mm,Ø5mm, Ø3mm, Ø2mm, Ø1mm, and Ø0.2mm. The slit angle is continuously adjustable from vertical to horizontal from 0° to 180°. Four steps of slit inclination—5°, 10°, 15°, 20° — also are available for oblique illumination in contact lens evaluations.



Ergonomically Designed Illumination Control:

The smooth classic design of the ESL-5200 allows for precise movements and easy operation of the joystick and knobs. For example, the illumination lever is conveniently located next to the joystick. The brightness control switch can be set to High or Normal, making diagnostic procedures even easier.






Slit Lamp ESL-2600 Ezer






Integrated Control Joystick:

The integrated Joystick is simple to control and allows operators to acquire sharp images. The base operation of the ESL-5200 offers the following movements to provide flexibility, comfort and precision—forward and back movement to 90mm; left and right movement to 100mm, fine movement to 15mm and vertical movement to 30mm. The joystick moves horizontal for fine-tuning and vertical for height and target alignment. Once you achieve the proper alignment, the base can be locked to prevent sliding.




Fundus Observation:

Unlike standard slit lamp units, Ezer’s ESL-5200 also allows for a dilated examination of the fundus and the posterior segment of the vitreous body using a Hruby Lens with the unit’s Hruby Lens Holder and Hruby Lens Guide Plate.




Slit Lamp Microscope ESL-5200 Ezer


Slit Lamp Microscope ESL-5200 Ezer


Optional Accessories:

This ESL-5200 slit lamp can be equipped with the TN-150 applanation tonometer or the Haag-Streit AG Model R-900 or Model T-900 applanation tonometer for measuring intraocular pressure.
























































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