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Portable Phoropter / Phoroptor Stand - T-2000

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T-2000 Portable Phoropter Stand. Only 16lbs!

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Portable Phoroptor Stand




The T-2000 weighs only 16 pounds. Complete

with its spring balanced arm.  Assembles in

less than 5 minutes with only two Allen

wrenches, if you are mounting a projector.

Height is adjustable from 45” to 65”.  A 90

degree angle mount with two locking knobs

holds the spring loaded counterbalanced

phoroptor arm and the second small arm which

holds the projector or counter weight water bag.

The spring arm has a vertical travel range of

17”, so you can easily place your phoroptor at

any height needed for children or adults.                      


   Please Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. We build these custom as ordered.     



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One Year

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