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Ezer ELM-7800 Digital Lensmeter

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Product Description

Enjoy the many benefits of automated lensometry with the ELM-7800. This high-tech lensmeter features outstanding functionality, tremendous versatility and speed. Whether you're measuring single vision lenses, sunglasses, progressives or contact lenses, this advanced automatic lensmeter won't disappoint. You and your staff will obtain accurate lens measurements every time.



  • All-Lens Measurements
  • Guided Operation
  • Contact Lens Measurements
  • High-Resolution LCD
  • Green Measurement Light
  • Accommodates Small Progressives
  • UV Transmittance Levels
  • Thermal Printer




All-Lens Measurement:

The ELM-7800 offers the utmost in flexibility by accurately measuring all lens types— including progressives.

Lensmeter ELM-7800 Ezer - US Ophthalmic
Lensmeter ELM-7800 Ezer - US Ophthalmic



Guided Operation:

Operators will enjoy the full-color LCD display, which walks them through every step of the lens measurement process.

Contact Lens Measurement:

The ELM-7800 offers fast and accurate measurement data of hard and soft contact lenses.

High-Resolution LCD:

The ELM-7800 features a 5.7-inch high-resolution color LCD screen.


 Green Measurement Light:

Green light provides more precise measurement values without Abbe value compensation.

Lensmeter ELM-7800 Ezer - US Ophthalmic
Lensmeter ELM-7800 Ezer - US Ophthalmic


 Accommodates Small Progressives:

The PD Bar and Measurement Nose can measure even the smallest progressives and multifocals.

UV Transmittance Levels:

The ELM-7800 accurately measures UV transmittance.


 Thermal Printer:

Once your readings are complete, a built in printer quickly generates the results. Printer paper can easily be changed.

Lensmeter ELM-7800 Ezer - US Ophthalmic

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