EZER ERK-7800 Auto Refractor / Keratometer EMR Compatible.

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Ezer ERK-7800 Auto Refractor/Keratometer

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Product Description

Confidently measure the human eye with a sophisticated, cutting edge technology designed to enhance your ability to diagnose ocular errors faster, easier, and accurately. Ezer's ERK-7800 is brilliantly designed technology measures the eye with ultra precision and speed to provide reliable data as the starting point of your refraction and contact lens fitting.



  • Auto Refractor/Keratometer
  • Enhanced Retro-illumination Imaging
  • Accurate Measurement of Iris & Pupil Diameters
  • Precise Temperature Sensor Compensation
  • Enhanced Measuring Speed
  • Comfortable Motorized Chin Rest
  • Automatic High Speed Cutting Printer
  • Simple One Touch Lock Knob
  • Touch & Tilt Color Monitor Display
  • Sophisticated TFT LCD Graphic User Interface
  • Easy Network Capability
  • Backed by an Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty






Auto Refractor/Keratometer:

The ERK-7800 combines all of the necessary visual pre-testing functions in one smartly designed instrument. Operators can perform refractometry and keratometry alone or simultaneously. The ERK-7800 is also quick. In fact, not even the unwanted effects of patient accommodation will stand in your way thanks to the unit’s valuable built-in auto-fogging mechanism.

autorefractor keratometer ERK-7800 Ezer

Wide Dioptric Measurement Range:


The ERK-7800 covers an impressive measurement range of -25.00D to +22.00D.


Accurate Iris and Pupil Measurement:


Measure the size of the cornea, iris and pupil with precision and ease.



autorefractor keratometer ERK-7800 Ezer               




Retro-Illumination Mode:


The Enhanced Retro-Illumination Imaging capability in the ERK-7800 is very helpful in determining ocular health. You can check for scratches and other corneal damage as well as check for lens abnormalities such as cataract.

autorefractor keratometer ERK-7800 Ezer


IOL Mode:


Patients presenting with cataract or IOL won’t present a challenge with the ERK-7800. In fact, now you can gather a wealth of information about natural lens opacity as well as take measurements on patients who have intraocular lens implants.


Comfortable Motorized Chin Rest:


Set the chin rest and measuring point with the simple press of a button. The built-in auto sensor mechanism allows you to track down, measure and focus the eye without ever making a mistake.


autorefractor keratometer ERK-7800 Ezer



Ergonomic LCD Monitor with 20-Degree Tilt Range:


You can operate the ERK-7800 while sitting or standing. The LCD Monitor tilts up to 20 degrees to adjust for individual viewing preferences.

autorefractor keratometer ERK-7800 Ezer
autorefractor keratometer ERK-7800 Ezer







Sophisticated TFT LCD Graphic User Interface:


Sharp images with easy-to-understand icons make this 6.4-inch color TFT LCD interface user-friendly and enjoyable to work with.



Simple One Touch Lock Knob:


The main body can easily be locked to its base with the touch of a single button.

autorefractor keratometer ERK-7800 Ezer
autorefractor keratometer ERK-7800 Ezer 




High-Speed Printer and Paper Cutter:


The high-speed printer provides immediate results. The findings are printed and then cut for your added convenience.

Easy Network Capability:


Combine the ERK-7800 with Ezer's 7800 series or 5400 series diagnostic instruments to form an Ezer Digital Refraction Practice. The complete suite of products will allow you to perform a full digital vision exam, from pretest to Rx.

autorefractor keratometer ERK-7800 Ezer































































Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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