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Ezer EZ-Horus 45 Auto Digital Eye-Fundus Camera

$3,353.00 $3,250.00
(You save $103.00)

Product Description

The EZ-Horus 45 offers an outstanding 45 degree field of view, far beyond what you would expect with a handheld scope. Everything is displayed on a lightweight, 3.5" full color LCD display with touchscreen capabilities. Plus, you get impressive crisp, clear images with 5M Pixels HD Resolution.


  • 45-Degree Filed of View
  • MPOD 3D Map
  • 7 Internal Fixation Points
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Lightweight, Handheld
  • Touch Screen
  • Auto Focus
  • Power Focus
  • Dual Screen Mode
  • Multi-Imaging Modes
  • 5M Pixel Resolution Enhanced Playback and Display
  • Patient Organizer



ez horus 45 ezer -us ophthalmic 


45-Degree Field of View:

Users will be impressed that so much can be viewed with a handheld scope. A crystal clear 45-degree field of view is possible with the EZ-Horus Auto Camera.

MPOD 3D Map:

Macular pigment may protect against age related macular degeneration (AMD) because of its capability to absorb blue light and scavenge free radicals. Fortunately, detection of low MPOD levels is now possible with the EZ-horus 40. This instrument offers a 3D map and complete image analysis.


ez horus 45 ezer -us ophthalmic



7 Internal Fixation Points:

The EZ-Horus Auto Camera allows you to photograph up to 80 degrees of retina by providing 7 visual fixation points.

ez horus 45 ezer -us ophthalmic
ez horus 45 ezer -us ophthalmic

Live Video Streaming:

The EZ-Horus Auto Camera offers live video streaming capabilities, which is extremely helpful in comanagement and teaching environments.


Lightweight, Handheld:

Fundus screening has never been easier or more convenient than with Ezer’s unique, lightweight design. Excellent quality and outstanding value set this digital fundus scope apart, making it a smart choice in virtually any setting.

ez horus 45 ezer -us ophthalmic
ez horus 45 ezer -us ophthalmic


Touch Screen:

Both still images and videos are captured with the touch of a button and displayed on a lightweight, 3.5” full color LCD display with touchscreen capabilities.

Auto Focus and Power Focus:

This easy-to-use hand-held camera utilizes non-mydriatic technology to capture images of the fundus. Auto Focus makies operation very simple. And, in certain cases where patient focus is challenging, the EZ-Horus Auto Camera employs the power focus mode.



ez horus 45 ezer -us ophthalmic

Dual Screen Mode:

The EZ-Horus Auto Camera supports real-time dual screens for the ultimate in patient management and flexibility.


ez horus 45 ezer -us ophthalmic


Multi-Imaging Modes:

You can capture detail-rich color images of the retina, optic disk and anterior segment with the EZ-Horus Auto Camera. In addition, the unit offers IR mode as well as red-free imaging for better inspection of structural detail.

5M Pixel Resolution:

The unit’s industry-leading 5M pixel resolution delivers impressive crisp, clear images in both video and still mode.


Enhanced Playback and Display:

Get a closer look at the complete exam with the EZ-Horus Auto Camera display mode. Zoom in and out of various sectors as needed.


ez horus 45 ezer -us ophthalmic


Wifi Compatible:

Able to automatically transfer images to any Wifi compatible computer, tables and smartphones



Patient Organizer:

With the EZ-Horus Auto Camera, it’s simple to track and record patient visits.

ez horus 45 ezer -us ophthalmic

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